Saturday, February 2, 2008

Song History...No Other Love...

o Other Love, Could Love You More...with Valentine's day just around the corner, I will be concentrating on the Love Songs that we sing. There were two songs back in the 50's that were titled "No Other Love".

In 1950, Bob Russell wrote the words to a popular song derived from Frederick Chopin's Etude No. 3 in E, Op. 10, and a show tune was written in 1953 by Rodgers and Hammerstein for their musical "Me and Juliet". After looking at the score of Chopin's piece that is pictured with the 1950's love song on Wikipedia, the "No Other Love" that we sing is the 1950 song.

Jo Stafford recorded version of this song hit the Billboard charts at No. 10 in 1950. Our home recorded 1998 version is sung by my father, George Harvey. I do suggest that you turn your volume down before starting this song as it was recorded on a high bias cassette tape and has a resonating quality to it if turned up too loud.

Artwork Copyright 2007 by Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher

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