Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nashville Bound...

Back in May of 1999, I had the opportunity to record a couple songs in Nashville. After all the details were worked out, Travis Lee, Anthony Wayne and I hooked up the Avion trailer to our '92 Chevy Van and headed to Nashville. I just wish that my dad had been able to go back with us. Then he would have been able to do the harmony on "Cowboy You're Different" by Bobby D. Reed and "If Love Were A Flower" by Don Harp!

Janey Loree's Nashville CD

The inscription inside the CD Jacket reads:

To thank everyone that gave a part of their lives to make these songs a part of mine, would fill up several pages. Without performing with my father, George Harvey, my brother, Douglas Wayne and my boys Travis Lee and Anthony Wayne, as the Fisher Family Singers, this would not have been a possibility. To keep me going, I have my greatest critic and friend, my mother Phyllis Mae. Working with Shawn Gray and Michael R. Radford was a pleasure and the musicians and background singers were awesome. Thank you guys, you were great!!! Also, to the songwriters, without your songs this wonderful experience just wouldn't have happened! Thank you God for making "Cowboys Different" and allowing us to love again even when love does "Slip Through Our Fingers Like Sand".


Janey Loree

The songs were recorded at the Legends Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. After meeting the producer, Michael R. Radford from A.M.I. Records, Shawn Gray my A.M.I. agent led me into the sound booth where I was introduced to the band! Ronnie Godfrey sat at the grand piano in the middle of the room, Tom Wild sat with his leg in a cast and a lead guitar in his arms backed up to the vocal sound booth, Dave Pomeroy was in the corner behind Ronnie and across from Tom with his bass guitar, while Mike Johnson and his drums were relegated to a sound booth all to himself. The acoustic guitar player, Leo Jackson
was right out side the vocal sound booth door and the background singers Stephen Hill and Margie Cates recorded their parts in a different session on a later date.

After introductions, I was led into a sound booth where I donned the earphones. There was a microphone hanging from the ceiling between me and a big sound proof window and a music stand. If I strained real hard I could see another huge sound proof window to the left behind Tom and Dave where the engineer, David Boyer sat behind his mixing board! In front of the mixing board sat my sons, Travis Lee and Anthony Wayne on a huge 10' long sofa.

I place my copy of the words to both songs on the music stand and waited for David to give me some tips as we ran through a couple bars of "Cowboy You're Different". Once he had his controls set the way he wanted them, we recorded "C.Y.D." and "If Love Were A Flower" in one take each!!! The hours of practicing had paid off and I just closed my eyes and immersed myself in the music.

Something that was amazing to me is that I found out that Ronnie Godfrey was three quarters blind. If only I could play like that with both eyes open! Before the recording, the guys in the band were teasing me that I had the blind, the deaf and the lame playing for me. Mike (the drummer) was labeled the deaf one and Tom with his leg in a cast was the lame one!  Also, I received an autographed CD from Susie Luchsinger (Reba's sister) while she was performing at Cheyenne Frontier Days in '94 or '95. Dave Pomeroy was her bass player.

All told we were at the studio for about two hours and then we had the rest of the week to explore the sights and sounds of Nashville. We took in the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, the Music Valley Wax Museum, the Music Valley Car Museum, the Train Store and Nashville Toy Museum, The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, The Grassmere Farm the Cumberland Science Museum, The Hermitage, The Parthenon, and the Grand Ole Opry to name just a few! On Mother's Day we went for a 10 mile bicycle ride through the backwoods of a little town north of Nashville where we had parked the Avion.

Nashville and Oregon Pictures
Pictures by Janey Loree ~ the water wheel picture was taken in Oregon. I added it to the slideshow to remind us that after we got home from Nashville, we pulled into the drive there in Cheyenne, Wyoming, packed Mom and Dad's stuff in the Avion and headed to Oregon.

Artwork Copyright 2007 by Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher

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