Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guitar Tuning Long Distance...

bout a week after Travis and Tony moved down to Texas, I received a phone call. Tony was on the line and wanted to try something! I fired up my old Kurzweil Keyboard and we attempted to tune his guitar over the phone lines.

As it turned out, he had already tuned the first string perfectly to the right pitch of "E", so he would have been able to continue tuning the other five strings. There is a way to tune from string to string if you have the first pitch right.

Tony had not been sure if that first string was right, so he called and we had fun tuning his guitar over the phone lines. From there Travis will be able to tune his guitar and TnT can practice their guitars. I think that a tuning fork might be a great Christmas gift!!!

There are 6 strings on a regular guitar and they need to be tuned to an exact pitch so that when you strum your guitar with your right hand and play the chords with your left, the sound is melodic. I found this online guitar tuner over at and Wikipedia has a great article on How to tune a guitar!

Artwork Copyright 2007 by Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher. The Music 'n' Sunflower Letter was created by Janey Loree with copyrighted artwork.


Naomi said...

Great post Janey. A tuning fork would make a great Christmas gift for your boys.

Janey Loree said...

I guess it would be a tradition handed down from my dad's side of the family! My dad has one that his father gave him! Now I could give them one each!!