Saturday, November 3, 2007

Soundtrack: The Man From Snowy River...

his post was written for the Authors go GONZO! Carnival.

To take a cue from our post, Poem vs Movie: The Man From Snowy River, over at Mustang 'n' Cowboys, we would like to comment on the music that makes up "The Man From Snowy River Soundtrack" for our favorite movie based on a poem.

While writing this post , I listened to the sound samples over at CD Universe. One of my favorite songs is Clancy's Theme. In the movie, Clancy is played by Jack Thompson. A nice touch is added as Clancy hums a bar from Clancy's Theme.

Listening closely you will find that the "Main Theme" is played thoughout the movie in different variations when "Mountain Theme" adds to the scene of Jim and Jessica taking in the view from a high mountain outlook. "Jim Brings In The Brumbies" is clearly a main theme as he rides into the Harrison station with everyone looking on, including Jessica. The main theme plays majestically as Jim single handedly brings in Old Regrets' colt, now a stallion, and the mares to Harrison's station.

"Jim's Ride" sets the mood for The Man From Snowy River's famous ride down the steep mountain side, as he chases the wild brumby's, the colt from Old Regret, and his mare that got loose the day his father died. You can almost hear hoofbeats as the music starts out soft and even, then as the music changes, your off down the mountain side...and "The Chase" adds its beauty to the awesome scenes of the wild herd of horse being chased by 30 or so mounted horses.

"Jessica's Theme" blends with the scene on the front of the CD adding to the story, letting you know that Jim and Jessica are falling in love. Listening to "Henry Dies", you can almost hear Jim yell into the forest when his father dies because of a timber accident created by Old Regret's colt, leaving him alone in the world. Jessica's aunt has lives at the station and is charged with raising her from birth. "Rosemary Recalls" is a hauntingly beautiful theme that adds to the intrigue of Jessica's past.

"Jessica's Sonata" depicts a wrestling time for Jessica with her feelings for Jim and sets the scene for Jessica as she runs away to the Snowy River country to find Jim. Even though Jessica is an avid horsewoman, she is not used to the ruggedness of the mountains. As it gets close to dark, a storm rolls in and Jessica falls from her horse, down over the side of a cliff and lands on a ledge. "The Brumbies" completes her mood of desolation as she falls asleep from exhaustion.

In the meantime, "Harrison's Homestead / Jim Gets His Horse", portrays the humble pride of the Man From Snowy River as he cuts out and takes his mare from the brumbie herd. Then as Harrison and his men ride out to find Jessica, Jim joins in the search as the storm rolls in and "Searching For Jessica" plays in the background.

The last song on the CD, End Titles (Medley), is a beautifully orchestrated medley that plays out during the credits.

Artwork Copyright 2007 by Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher (my mother!)


jan said...

What a creative approach to the Carnival.

Janey Loree said...

Thanks Jan! I am looking forward to reading all of the entries in the Authors go GONZO! Carnival!!

Jackie said...

Very interesting entry. I haven't thought about "The man from snowy river" in quite a while. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
The blog looks great I found it while trying to find what info would turn up on the web about Trav and I. Quick question, Is the "Man from Snowy River" cd supposed to play music? Or is it just for reference purposes.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Tony! I fixed the picture of the cd, linking it to the CD Universe site so that people can buy the CD or listen to the sample toward the bottom of the page over there.

Grandpa, Uncle Doug and I played and sang quite a few songs together on Christmas Eve. It wasn't the same with you and Trav not there. There were a couple of songs that we just played our instruments on and really enjoyed it.

Love ya, Mom