Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Song History...Harbor Lights...

UPDATE: This post has been entered in the "England Goes Gonzo" Blog Carnival being held on October 1st. For carnival details contact Naomi over at Diary From England!

Even though Harbor Lights originated in 1937 and was the background theme in a 1940's movie, it was not until the 50's that this song became popular. Written in England by Wilhelm Grosz and Jimmy Kennedy, Harbor Lights is a hauntingly beautiful song that my father, George Harvey and I, Janey Loree, sing for you here. BTW...my father was born in 1937!

History of the song
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Naomi said...

I remember this movie Janey but never knew this song originated in England. You learn something new every day.

Janey Loree said...

I learned something new when I read your England goes GONZO! Carnival post that stated the movie was a John Wayne movie! I was working late when I finished this post and I must have looked right over that important fact!!!